What is Interactive Marketing? How Is It Applied?

Interactive marketing strategy; It is a marketing technique in which consumers participate in the marketing process . In this marketing strategy, people are communicated through games, competitions, social media and other sources. Digital possibilities are a great blessing for interactive marketing companies. Considering the time and experiences of people in the digital world, interactive marketing is a very profitable and advantageous type […]

The first automobile

There are few inventions that affect the world as much as cars. Cars are much more than practical transportation, from daily transport to travel and even races. For the first time in history, he provided a personal escape with rapid movement alone. For many people, cars are personal style, even status quo. There are more […]

The Incredible Journey of Water

As it is known, it is a chemical compound that makes our water world different from other planets and is the main source of life. Water, consisting of two hydrogen and one oxygen atom, is perhaps the most well-known compound with its chemical formula. 71% of our world is covered with water and this corresponds […]


In the 19th century, when it was not yet known that diseases could spread with pathogens (i.e. disease-causing microorganisms and viruses), doctors could cause their patients to become infected and even to die from infection. The view that illnesses could be transmitted through touch, especially through doctors who were used to heal, was not easily […]